This is the Cold Fusion team. My name is Robin Herrick and I'm the team captain and designer of Pussycat. I work at British Energy in Gloucester doing Remote Operations stuff, which involves engineering remotely controlled inspection and repair systems for nuclear reactors (real ones, not pretend ones like in the House Robots). I'd like to thank British Energy for supporting the Cold Fusion team since the beginning of Robot Wars, and for the support of everyone at work! How did I get into my present job? I have had a lifelong interest in cars, robots, and that sort of stuff. I studied hard at science and maths at school through GCSE and A level. Then I did a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Bristol. I got into my current job through a summer placement, which led to sponsorship for the final year of my degree course. For all those 'bot-builders out there, engineering is a diverse and interesting career choice!
Alan Gribble, apart from being David's father, does all the hard work. He's got two engineering workshops in his back garden from where, when he's not building robots, he runs an engineering business specialising in wire erosion equipment and making special purpose machines. Alan used to race motorbikes but now prefers pottering around his greenhouses in a quest for the perfect chilli pepper. Yes, Alan knows his onions, and when it comes to building robots is a great guy to have on the team!
David Gribble is our driver. He's a radio-controlled car champion and the best 'bot driver in the world. Probably. David has just started college and wants to work in special effects.
Rob Bettington lives next door to Alan and David but seems to spend a lot of time in the workshop helping Alan with the robot. Rob's dad Malcolm did the welding in the top section of Pussycat. Rob's also a good radio-controlled car driver and wants a career in engineering.

cold fusion fan club
Jon is our No.1 fan. In fact he is the sole member of the
Cold Fusion Team fan club. But what the club lacks in membership
is more than compensated for by Jon's enthusiasm!
Jon has been known to strike terror into the hearts of
opposing teams with tales of Pussycat's destructive power.